Supportability Engineering for Defence Ltd



Defence Acquisition recognises that not only must military equipment deliver the required functional performance, but it must be reliable, maintainable and supportable in the environment in which it is destined to be used. This "Operational Availability" is achieved through a programme of Supportability Engineering to influence system design for reliability, maintainability and supportability, and by designing, developing and fielding an appropriate support solution. In Defence these objectives are delivered through a mandated programme of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) conducted in accordance with Defence Standards and Conditions.

"Whatever the potential technical performance of equipment, if it does not function in the hands of the User when required to do so, it is virtually useless"

Furthermore, Equipment is only one part of the equation. To deliver Military Capability, equipment functionality must be fully integrated with Military Doctrine and there must be available the necessary infrastructure and trained, resourced and organised manpower to operate and maintain the equipment through life. This is achieved through the discipline of Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) and the delivery of the Defence Lines of Development (DLOD).


SE4D specialises in the provision of Supportability Engineering, Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and Through Life Support (TLS) services to Customers and Suppliers in the Defence Acquisition environment. We have also grown to offer our Customers a plethora of Defence Acquisition support services in association with a network of like minded individuals and small companies. We would be delighted to support you in any way which we can.