Supportability Engineering for Defence Ltd


About Our Business

-- Who we are:

We are a networked collection of like minded individuals with depth and breadth of experience as Users, Customers and Suppliers in the Defence Acquisition environment. Many of our team have first hand experience operating and maintaining military equipment during training and on Operations. We have worked as members of the Armed Forces, MOD and Government agencies in delivering and supporting equipment and services at all stages of the lifecycle, in Core Equipment Programmes and through Accelerated Acquisition including Urgent Operational Requirements.

-- What we do:

Interim Management

Placement of an experienced and qualified Defence Acquisition professional into your project team, to provide thought leadership, management and delivery of functional output on behalf of your organisation.

Project, ILS, Requirements, Safety, Risk and Security Managers

One Stop Shop Support

Provision of all those Defence Acquisition centric support functions and deliverables, required to bid / deliver your product to the MoD under a single sub-contract. Through Life Capability Management, Risk, Quality, Integrated Logistic Support, Safety and Environmental Management, Security ....

Functional Deliverables

Defence Acquisition functional deliverables derived through mandated Defence processes and delivered in the format specified. 

Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Course Design and Training Packs, Army Equipment Support Publications (AESP), Safety and Environmental Cases, Human Factors Integration (HFI)

-- Why us:

First and foremost, we have the depth of knowledge and experience of delivery in Defence Acquisition to make your project a success. We continue to work as Customers and Suppliers of functional process and product; we know what the Customer wants and we have strong history of delivering it. Our safety managers also work as Independant Safety Advisors to the Customer community, our ILS Managers and Project Managers have lead delivery of major Defence programmes and Urgent Operational Requirements on behalf of the MoD Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) project teams. Our Training Analysts and Instructors have a wealth of Operational experience within the Armed Forces. We are supporting the MoD, Prime Contractors and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) today. We are a network of individuals and small companies who are judged on our individual merits. We will not let you down.